Registration and prejudging is REQUIRED for anyone wanting to participate in the SC Comicon costume contest (Prejudging is waved for the Junior category).

Registration forms will be available at the Ticket Kiosks in the main lobby of the Greenville Convention Center or you can print it off from the site and bring it with you and drop it off at one of the Ticket Kiosks. Prejudging for the contest will take place on Sunday, from 12 pm – 2 pm behind the main cosplay contest stage. To be eligible to place or win for any category of the SC Comicon costume contest, you must be present, and in costume, for prejudging during the time listed above.

All entries must be SC Comicon attendees; this means you must have your badge or wristband in order to participate. No badge or band = No entry.

This contest is open to all costume types, comic, anime, manga, or otherwise.

One costume entry per person (excluding Group category).

All costumes must be entered by the person who created it. Models may be utilized to showcase your costume. However, the creator must be present with the model at both the prejudging and the contest to be eligible for award consideration. If you choose to use a model, be sure to note this information on your application.

With exception for the Youth and Novice category, all costumes and props must be of original construction or show major modifications/alterations to pre-existing materials. No costumes that are purchased or otherwise obtained from a professional, or retail source, will not be accepted for judging or award placement. Exceptions are made for wigs, shoes, jewelry, belts & accessories. But, the more of your costume you make, the more impressed the judges will be!

All entrants are required to show up in full costume for pre-judging, which will take place at the time/location listed above (exceptions for the Youth category and walk-ons wishing only to showcase their costume on stage).

Reference images and work-in-progress pictures are not required but are STRONGLY recommended.

No costume that has won, or placed, in previous SC Comicon costume contests will be eligible for entry or awards.

Contestants are allowed 10 seconds of stage time to showcase their costume or prop in a “catwalk” format. Make sure to do one or two quick poses before leaving the stage so all spectators can see your amazing costume.

All costumes, props, and weapons must adhere to SC Comicon policies. No live steel, no functioning or previously functioning projectile weapons, no fire, smoke and/or pyrotechnics, or live animals allowed.

All costumes must be family friendly (no indecent exposure or nudity). No profanity or lewd behavior allowed. Any contestant who violates this rule will immediately be removed from the stage and be disqualified from the contest.

A parent or guardian must accompany all contestants in the Youth category, age 12 or under.

The judges’ decisions are final.

SC Comicon management reserves the right to modify, update, or amend these rules at any time.

SC Comicon may record or photograph contest entries at its discretion.

Entry into this contest constitutes an agreement by the entrants to allow the SC Comicon to use their likeness or image in any current or future advertisement, promotion, or product.

Now, for the most important rule.........Have fun & Good Luck!