Panels 2017



BE YOUR OWN HERO - with Sybil Todd & Sadie Geerligs

A discussion on how to improve self-confidence and contribute to your community through cosplay.

Start - 11:00AM|  Room - B



An interview and Q&A with the voice acting mega-star who has starred in some of the most famous animated shows of the past two decades including Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece, TMNT, and most famously, Ash Ketchum from Pokémon!

Start - 12:00PM  |  Room - A


WRITER’S PANEL - with Tini Howard, Van Jensen, Ron Marz, & Mark Waid

Some of the best comic book writers in the industry discuss some of their classic work and their current projects, as well as breaking into the industry and their writing process.

Start - 1:00PM  |  Room - B



An interview and Q&A with Shannon Purser, discussing her time playing the beloved Barb
(RIP) on Stranger Things, as well as her current role on CW’s interpretation of Archie - Riverdale.

Start - 2:00PM  |  Room - A



This Spring, Valiant celebrates 25 years of its most enduring comic book icon as best-selling writer Matt Kindt and a rotating cast of powerhouse interior artists launch a stunning new beginning in the all-new X-O MANOWAR #1! Now, witness an in-depth discussion of X-O Manowar’s landmark place in comics history… and a special look forward at the must-read new series of 2017!

Start - 3:00PM  |  Room - B


2017 COSPLAY PANEL - with Chris & Miracole burns

Fan-favorite professional cosplay couple Chris and Miracole return for another anything-goes cosplay discussion and Q&A.

Start - 4:00PM  |  Room - A



Now only a couple years old, innovative comic publisher Aftershock is taking comics by storm. Join their team for an introduction to some of their amazing titles and a discussion about where they’re going next!

Start -5:00PM  |  Room - B


*Panels are subject to change*



TURNING PAIN INTO POWER - with Heroes 4 Higher Batman

John Buckland shares his inspiring and powerful message about overcoming your personal struggles and channeling your experiences to reach your community and inspire hope.

Start - 12:30PM  |  Room - B



From Star Wars, to Guardians of the Galaxy, to Doctor Who, Spencer Wilding has been in all the things you love. Come listen to Spencer talk about his experiences on some of the most iconic Sci-Fi movie sets of all time.

Start - 1:00PM  |  Room - A


ARTISTS PANEL - with Frank Cho, Sanford Greene, Bart Sears, & Wilfredo Torres

Bringing together both legendary and breakthrough artists, this panel will cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about these super-star artists: from how they began, to their process, to their current (and future?) projects.

Start - 1:30PM  |  Room - B



The road to Valiant’s biggest, most ambitious and impactful comic book event of all time starts right here! Jump on board to find out what the future holds for HARBINGER RENEGADE, X-O MANOWAR, BLOODSHOT, FAITH, DIVINITY, NINJAK, and the rest of Valiant’s most powerful heroes… and how the coming of HARBINGER WARS 2 will soon be felt across the entire Valiant Universe!

Start - 2:00PM  |  Room - A



A tell-all discussion and Q&A with Paul McGillion, star of Stargate: Atlantis and a slew of other cult-favorites.

Start - 2:30PM  |  Room - B


*Panels are subject to change*