Panels 2018



11:00am - Room A

Star Wars Costume Clubs

Come join all your favorite Star Wars costume clubs and learn how to get involved and get started on your own costumes. Hosted by official members of 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, and the Droid Builders!


12:00pm - Room B

Adrian Paul

There can be only one Adrian Paul. Join a discussion with the actor who has played titular roles in fan favorites from Highlander, to War of the Worlds, to Dark Shadows.


1:00pm - Room A

Black Panther!

Join creators who have worked to help shape T’Challa as artists Sanford Greene and Wilfredo Torres, and colorist Laura Martin discuss visually bringing Wakanda and the Black Panther to life in comics.


2:00pm - Room B

Cary Elwes

We sit down with legendary actor Cary Elwes to discuss his incredible career in playing roles from Saw to Robin Hood Men in Tights to Psyche as well as hearing first-hand about the strange magic that went into creating the classic genre-breaking adventure comedy Princess Bride.


3:00pm - Room A

Voice Actors

James Mathis III (The Black Panther) and Neil Kaplan (Optimus Prime) talk about what it’s like to portray two iconic leaders through voice acting.


4:00pm - Room B

Cosplay and Professional Costuming

Join Miracole, Chris Burns, and Alex Burns as they talk about the ins-and-outs of costume design: from professional cosplaying, to their work on the series Black Lightning!


5:00pm - Room A

Women in Comics

We sit down with a duo of wonder-women–Bridgit Connell and Meghan Hetrick–to discuss females in the comic industry, women’s portrayal in comics, and more.



12:00pm - Room B

Writer’s Panel

An all-star cast of comic writers featuring Kyle Starks (Rick & Morty), Chad Bowers (X-Men), Matthew K. Manning (Batman/ TMNT) as they discuss the art of writing for comics.


1:00pm - Room A

Maggie Geha

An interview and Q&A session with Gotham’s Poison Ivy, who sits down to tell us about her experiences working on set and living in the world of Gotham.


2:00pm - Room B

Artist’s Panel

We sit down with some of today’s leading comic artists–Greg Land, Steve Epting, Lewis Larosa, Brandon Peterson, and Matthew Roberts–to get a behind-the-scenes look at balancing the thrill of creativity with the pressure of deadlines.



 Panels End: Cosplay Contest


*Panels are subject to change*