Artist Alley and Vendor Application 2019

Are you interested in being a Vendor or a part of Artist Alley in 2019? Please complete the application below. Once we have reviewed your application and you have been approved, we will send you a link to pay for your table or booth. We are doing this to maintain a good product mix. We want vendors, artists and fans to have a good experience by not having too many of one particular product. Thank you for understanding.

How you want to be listed in our program book and on the website.
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All tables are 8'. Vendor booths are 10 x 10.
• Keep in mind that to be considered for Artist Alley, you must be the creator/artist of what you are selling. If you are not the creator/artist, you will need to purchase a booth in the Vendor/Exhibitor area. • We do not allow counterfeit, bootleg, or bladed, sharp metal items (i.e. Swords, knives, etc.)
We will review your application on a first come first serve basis and be in touch as soon as possible.